About Us

Rediscover Local, Inc.

We, (rediscoverLocal.org), are a non-profit corporation created with the goal of bringing local Detroit Area residents closer together through shared resources, events, and activities.  We may be many neighborhoods and towns, but we are one area.

With the increasing globalization of everything from TV to shopping, many are losing the local connections we were once proud of.  The results are lost local business, lost local relationships, and loss of communication between neighborhoods and towns.  Rediscover local hopes to fix this through putting local TV Stations back in the hands of all who have lost it, sponsoring local area events and activities, and providing local assistance to those who truly need it.

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The local TV Picture

  • By the end of 2017, 22.2 million people had cancelled their Cable and Satellite subscriptions.
  • In a recent area-wide test at several locations, we discovered that 100% of the locations we tested were unable to reliably receive every Detroit TV Station using indoor antennas and 80% of the locations we tested were unable to reliably receive every Detroit TV Station using outdoor antennas.
  • This has left many area residents with no choice but to use Broadcast Apps for each channel, which are notoriously unstable with randomly placed ads often cutting off programs mid-sentence.
  • More importantly, these Broadcast Apps typically eliminate all local content, such as local News, locally produced TV shows, and local paid content.
  • Finally, the necessity of using different apps for each and every channel presents a very uncomfortable, fragmented experience.
  • This kind of Network Globalization cuts off many local residents from an extremely precious link to our area and affects the revenue of local TV Stations we depend on for a local TV service.

Bringing the "local back" to local TV

Through the use of a key provision in U.S. law [Title 17, Chapter 1, section 111 (a) (5) of the Copyright Act], Discover Local is able to legally provide all Detroit Area TV Stations to anyone with a mobile phone, Smart TV, Firestick, or Desktop Computer with a simple retransmission of each channel.  Since we are a non-profit, we only charge enough to cover the costs of retransmission and 100% of any remaining monies goes directly back into the community.  You may even choose to donate additional money to the charity.


Frequently Asked Questions
About Our TV App

Can I REALLY watch all my favorite local TV stations through your App?

You sure can. No strings attached. We retransmit each station as we receive it. We do not splice in our own commercials or in any way edit content. In cases where we may retransmit a program separate from a channel, either through special VOD programs provided by local TV Channels that they may wish to provide or through DVR, we again retransmit it as is.
You must be a resident of the Detroit Metro Viewing Area to use the App.

Can I watch Cable Channels, too?

No. Not through our App. That might technically make us a Cable Company, which could make this offering harder to justify, based on current U.S. Law. Plus, our mandate is to bring you closer to your community, not further away through National Cable Television Channels.

What else is planned for the app?

We are very excited about the future of our app. Our partners who develop the app are constantly adding new features and improvements. Beyond that, we hope to work more closely with local TV Stations to perhaps offer local VOD programs not found on the TV Schedule, that might help stations further connect with you and enhance their Ad revenue. We are also open to working with local Radio Stations to perhaps put radio programs or even filmed radio shows on the App. Stay tuned for more.

Is this service legal?

Very much so. In fact, non-profits in other areas are already providing this service. An example is locast.org in New York. By law, it is clearly defined in Title 17, Chapter 1, section 111 (a) (5) of the Copyright Act, which states:

"...the secondary transmission is not made by a cable system but is made by a governmental body, or other nonprofit organization, without any purpose of direct or indirect commercial advantage, and without charge to the recipients of the secondary transmission other than assessments necessary to defray the actual and reasonable costs of maintaining and operating the secondary transmission service."

Can this app help local TV Stations, too?

You bet. Local TV is a critical piece of the local community. By using this App, you are increasing local viewership numbers!!! As mentioned previously, we are willing to make available exclusive programs from local stations. We also make select local News Programs (where much of a TV Stations Ad Revenue comes from) available on-demand for several days after its airing, bring my eyes (and local revenue) to each station. Further, we are absolutely prepared to work with TV Stations to provide incredibly accurate key (privacy protected) viewership and demo location numbers, something never before available.

How do I know the money is really going back to the local area?

As a non-profit, our books must be made publicly available. Furthermore, we ARE all local members of the community. We would be happy to sit down with any person, group, or organization to discuss what we do and how we do it. But be warned, we just might recruit you as a volunteer for some of our projects, during your visit.

What kind of quality can I expect?

We transmit all channels in high quality HD. Provided your device and network can handle it, you will receive your channel in HD. If not, it will automatically scale to a lower bitrate/resolution, making this service perfect forboth slow phone networks and fast home networks.

Is there Guide Info?

Absolutely. However, it is formatted in a much easier to use way than traditional grid-based guides. You can instantly get guide info on a per-channel basis. You can even go forwards and backwards in time in ways your Smart TV or Set Top could only dream of doing.

How much does it cost?

Almost free!!! You get unrestricted access to every Detroit TV Station we offer for $3.99. If you wish to donate an additional $1 per month towards our non-profit to give back to the community, you may choose to do so, as well. All monies are only used to cover video transcoding costs, delivery to you through a CDN network , and other necessary costs. By law, we cannot take any profits.

Getting the App

Getting the App and Signing up is simple. However, you MUST be in the Detroit area and use a Detroit area Address. People outside of the Detroit Metro viewing area are NOT permitted to use this App.

  • First, download the App to one of the devices listed below.
  • In first registration screen, type detroit for your PROVIDER ID & use a valid email address.
  • Complete the rest of the registration info and provide your (secured) credit card info.
  • To add additional devices to your account, use detroit again and the email address you registered with. Up to 5 devices per account are allowed.